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14 Th08, 2020
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What do you think the candidates should be talking about?
Tell us here:
The US has a huge election coming up, but to explain it, we want your help. Instead of deciding on our own what the most important issues are, we want to know what you think is important. Tell us at the link above: What do you wish the candidates in the 2020 US election would talk about?
Once we’ve heard from you, we’ll update our Community tab with the list of the ideas that we’re turning into videos, so you’ll know what’s in the works. Starting in September, we’ll publish one video from that list every week.
A lot of news coverage of elections focuses on the polls, or the candidates’ personalities, or predictions about who might win. With this project, we want to do something different, and focus instead on how your lives might be affected by the election’s outcome. So tell us what you think the candidates in the US election should be talking about. And thanks for watching.
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  • How are we going to bail out millennials and genz? Who have enormous debt, can't afford children, to buy a house, and are set to live shorter lives than our parents etc. etc

    Christelle JasminChristelle JasminNgày trước
  • What about healthcare? Will the prices continue to be absurdly high?

    Freyjaa Singh KirtiFreyjaa Singh KirtiNgày trước
  • What about ICE and the children there? How the outcome of the 2020 elections would affect these children and the lack of dignity with which these children are being treated by the US government (ICE).

    Katia Daniela García ValenzuelaKatia Daniela García ValenzuelaNgày trước
  • Why do we even need Lobbyist?

    Barbara LeDouxBarbara LeDouxNgày trước
  • I don't think I've heard either of the candidates talk about thier mental health care policies and it would be helpful because so many things could be fixed if everyone had access to therapy.

    cjisokayiguess xpcjisokayiguess xpNgày trước
  • Pharmaceutical restrictions on testing drugs that help diseases like ASL loosened/lifted a bit.

    JinoraJinora2 ngày trước
  • Defunding the police

    HannahHannah3 ngày trước
  • Tax evasion - or how closing loopholes for the wealthy (and large corporations) to buy the services of financial advisors to avoid taxation can pay for many of the programs (for instance...the Green New Deal) a lot of people don't believe can actually be funded.

    Tristan PettersonTristan Petterson4 ngày trước
  • 12 More years!

    Adam 86Adam 864 ngày trước
  • Why isn't there more access to free health care, especially in developing neighbourhood? Why university tuition in America costs more than in US?

    RM StarRM Star4 ngày trước
  • Summary: give us money

    Fitty MenFitty Men4 ngày trước
  • Response to the pandemic for me is the most important because we will know their response in this crisis

    Maverick ChingMaverick Ching7 ngày trước
  • The whole election cycle was everyone saying Trump would lose, however you are portraying this as though Trump was predicted to win the entire time?

    Nathan GrovesNathan Groves7 ngày trước
  • Who cares about climate change and is willing to do something about?

    Taylor LTaylor L7 ngày trước
  • how to save the US from the hand of dectatorship

    SquirtPikaGamerSquirtPikaGamer8 ngày trước
  • Should the president stepping out of office use all resources available to destroy the president stepping into office?

    filmmetoofilmmetoo8 ngày trước
  • You are lying stop lying to the people or the people will have it out with you until all the facts are on the floor like guts

    Tommy WilleyTommy Willey9 ngày trước
  • when is america opening up?????

  • what is their plan to reverse climate change and global warming.. increase emission restrictions on companies.. promoting electric much subsidy?

    Sree CharanSree Charan10 ngày trước
  • What will happen with the U.S embassy in Cuba ?

    Dayanna VillarinoDayanna Villarino11 ngày trước
  • For MANY MANY MANY people the phrase Black Lives Matter is triggering. Leaving aside the phrase and the movement for a moment can we find a way to point out the inequality of the lives of fellow AMERICANS who also happen to be Black and Brown? There MUST be a way to illustrate the issues behind why the movement and phrase are uttered. In essence, it means Black people matter TOO. Is there a way to solidly illustrate lack of fairness, systemic inequality, the law showing favoritism to other citizens at the expense of others? I have decided to head a one-woman committee to eliminate the phrase Black/African American COMMUNITY. Saying that instantly takes one who is not Black or Black affiliated off the hook. It becomes "their" problem and not mine. What do I think the candidates should be talking about? Solutions. We get it. The Democrats are not the Trump Republicans. WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO? Concisely. In language that we all understand tell us what you are going to do differently. For Biden, a lifelong Senator he should be able to explain how he if elected to the Executive Branch would engage the Legislative Branch to get laws passed. Address Climate Change. Address Health Inequity. Police Brutality. Homelessness. Job Creation. Wealthy Inequality. Etc. Etc.

    LaDonna WashingtonLaDonna Washington11 ngày trước
  • Are you going to address and take action against the social media/tech industries & lobbyists? They have access to so much data about everyday people's behaviors and lifestyles; which they continuously exploit for their own profit all across the globe. How are you going to stop the spread of misinformation and fix the economic impact/interests of our capitalist industries that are pulling the strings?

    Josh LambertJosh Lambert11 ngày trước
  • Why aren't we talking about ending standardized testing in public education? It is making corporations billions and harming children. I switched to teaching a non-tested subject because I refused to be a part of it anymore.

    Amy CurtisAmy Curtis11 ngày trước
  • Equal rights and chances

    Angel TeeAngel Tee12 ngày trước
  • No president (R or D) has been able to accomplish much in recent history due to the senate filibuster. What do they each plan to do about the filibuster? And similarly contentious legislative rules?

    Jonathan MendozaJonathan Mendoza12 ngày trước
  • Why are small businesses the only ones suffering in this pandemic? Amazon and other large corporations can recover from rioting and arson. But these small family owned businesses are now just left with nothing. Why aren't more people talking about this?

    Synthetic IconSynthetic Icon12 ngày trước
  • Foreign policy, especially Israel and the Middle East.

    elad kahlonelad kahlon12 ngày trước
  • climate change

    frank zamorafrank zamora12 ngày trước
  • video about elections, yet no Black person in it. shame on you

    grindcoreserbiagrindcoreserbia13 ngày trước
  • ill admit, atleast yall didnt shame a bunch of republicents much in this video, but can u at least suggest some right winged/ democratic suggestions?

    reaj broreaj bro13 ngày trước
  • The world is desperate for love. What is love? Where does love come from? Wanting more, what practical steps do you take? When you acquire more love, how do you know. And, what love isn't. Seeking love through a process of eliminating what is not love.

    Bruce WilsonBruce Wilson13 ngày trước
  • What will it take to have the largest companies pay their fair share of taxes?

    Mary RabaiMary Rabai13 ngày trước

    ルフィMugiwaraルフィMugiwara14 ngày trước
  • yes HELP VOX LIE about the 2020 Election !!!

    7thSmurf7thSmurf14 ngày trước
  • How about Why drugs are illegal in the USA ? Especially when Portugal has been the best viewpoint for what happened when they first decriminalized ALL drugs! Crime rate dropped Significantly And believe it or not drug use itself to went down and seems to be flourishing!...

    Jason BeckerJason Becker14 ngày trước
  • I dont think Joe Biden will even be able to debate

    1k subs with no vids1k subs with no vids14 ngày trước
  • What do he mean by “break up the big tech companies?” Why would you want to do that?

    Sosa HendrixSosa Hendrix14 ngày trước
  • Climate change and how it can be battled... Less airplanes, less cars, less meat and dairy products, less shopping etc.

    Simon AeberhardSimon Aeberhard15 ngày trước
  • legalizing and decriminalizing weed and other substances and offering cheap or free rehab to all instead of jail time for non-violent offenses

    Candid_VeganCandid_Vegan15 ngày trước
  • Why does your media lie so much

    Jed MorrisJed Morris15 ngày trước